I’m not afraid of being annoying anymore.

“In this year alone, every man, woman and child will consume about 136 kilos of single-use plastic” (A Plastic Ocean, 2016).
That. Is. Insane. Especially when you think about how light single use plastics (food wrappers, water bottles, plastic bags, plastic straws) are.
About 4 months ago, I started paying serious attention to the amount of waste I consume and send to landfill, and I started to seriously commit to transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle, after being introduced to Plastic Free July (and countless office conversations about zero waste) in 2016 by my beautiful friend Hannah Warren. I still have a very long way to go but once my eyes were opened, there was no way I could un-see everything. I started to see plastic everywhere. I would walk into one of the duopolies we have here in Perth and feel overwhelmed and suffocated by all the plastic I was seeing.
I’ve sort of avoided posting too much about this on my personal Instagram and Facebook pages, as I haven’t wanted to come across as weird, or preachy, or holier-than-thou. That is the very LAST thing I have ever wanted to be seen as. However, I’m off sick from work today (which is ironic because I’ve become unwell after a funny reaction to a zero waste product – menstrual cup – haha nothing wrong with the product, I think it’s just going to take some getting used to by my body) and I’m watching A Plastic Ocean and it’s so fucking sad seeing all the plastic that has found its way into the ocean as pollution.
Plastic that goes to landfill breaks down into micro plastics, which leeches into soil and enters the ecosystem and we are probably eating plastic which is so bad. Not to mention the impact on wildlife.
Anyway, the point I’m getting to is that I don’t care if I sound preachy or insane or annoying or people take the piss out of me anymore and I’m going to share more about my zero waste journey. I totally understand that this lifestyle isn’t accessible for everyone (eg. living remote, low income, lack of transport etc can be barriers) and I often feel guilty for talking about zero waste like its the easiest thing in the world because of this. I wouldn’t call living zero waste easy, but it certainly isn’t hard (if those barriers aren’t in the way) and the benefits far out way any negatives!
So here goes nothing. I’m going to begin to share more about the steps I take in the direction zero waste and plastic free living. To anyone reading. please join me for the ride.

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